7 Benefits of Home Automation for Everyday Living

Home automation benefits vary from saving time to adding safety to simplifying your life. And all of them increase enjoyment of your home. As one of the strongest growth trends in home design today, techno-friendly homes are becoming more common every day.

Think of it this way, nearly every one of us are accustomed to carrying around a high-powered computer with us every minute of the day and night. Except we call them smartphones. Now that we are used to these marvelous devices doing so much for us, it just makes sense that we are going to want similar smart technologies to help us in our homes too.

By the way, smart homes and home automation are two of the best ways to add real value to your home as well. Here are some ways that the inclusion of various levels of home automation in your home makes it more pleasant to live in and more valuable to own.

1. Peace Of Mind - The Gift That Keeps On Giving

An integrated home automation system gives you greater control and visibility of access to your home. Many times these security systems also have the option of monitoring, to support you and your family should anything go wrong.

2. The Eye That Never Sleeps…

Your front door is a great place to keep an eye on, no matter where you are. Today’s technologies make it easy to not only observe who, or what, is at your door, but you can even dialog with them if you wish. Automatic lights can be an option here too. You get to control your front door status and actions at the push of a button. Fingerprint access control is also available to make things even safer.

3. More Bright Ideas

Smart lighting systems are growing in popularity for a couple of reasons. They are a great way to control energy usage and help you create specific environments - reading, TV, parties, security settings - even when you are away from your home. All with the touch of a button.

4. Watts The Story?

Better management of home energy is one of the most important uses of home management technology. Today’s systems help you monitor, analyze, and improve usage habits so your home operates efficiently. You’re in complete control by logging onto your energy system via any smartphone or tablet – to just observe or to make changes 24/7. These tangible benefits are key reasons why energy management systems are one of the easiest ways to add value to your property. Saving money every month is pretty appealing.

5. Hey - If It’s Good Enough For A King…

Remember the movie scenes where exalted leaders had servants around with umbrellas and fans to protect them from the sun? That was the earliest version of automatic shade controls I guess. But the point is, today’s systems can easily protect your home and guests from the damaging effects of the sun at the touch of a button. Not only is motorized shading elegantly designed and a visual complement to your décor, but it protects expensive furnishings and art from harsh UV rays. Investing in professional shading is another great way to increase resale value.

6. Put Some Structure In Your Life

“Structured” wiring refers to a whole-house approach to organizing your wiring and having it all “home run” back to a central panel. This gives your home a technology backbone that provides the infrastructure for all your home’s technology. It’s a big undertaking, BUT it adds a LOT to your home’s value. A structured wiring system provides all the connections you need for telephone, video, Internet, security, lighting, intercom, and more. It’s a great way to ensure that all of the elements that make up your household technology system work perfectly and provide a backbone for the future.

7. Immersive Media Magic

Today’s technological home can easily stream entertainment channels to a variety of devices at the same time, so everyone can choose their music or movies wherever they are. Or if it’s family enjoyment you want, nothing gathers the family better than a great movie or sporting event in your own home theater. Access your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth speakers anywhere at home and tune in to what you want to hear - wherever you want to hear it. Catch a summer blockbuster under the stars - with a digital projector, inflatable screen, and wireless speakers. Audio and entertainment throughout the home mean a happier home and more fun. And it also means greater value for your smart home investment.


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